White Tor

Looking north towards Hare Tor from White Tor The far west of the moor is an area I get to fairly infrequently. It's the longest drive from Torbay and, as I'm always striving to find a balance between early starts for long days on the moor and a solid lie in and brunch, we usually … Continue reading White Tor

Saddle Tor

Saddle Tor, with Hay Tor peeping over its shoulder. Dwarfed by its more famous neighbour and appearing as a mere pimple from the nearby road, it’s a wonder anyone visits Saddle Tor at all. It rates poorly by comparison to its neighbours. It doesn’t look like much, from the main road to the south at … Continue reading Saddle Tor


Potentilla erecta (less commonly P. tormentilla) This rather dainty and ubiquitous flower is tormentil. You’ll find it creeping all over the moor, from the tops of tors and open moor to riversides and woodland. It looks like a tiny buttercup, but look more closely: it’s actually a member of the rose Rosaceae family, and one … Continue reading Tormentil